Bali Is Always A Good Idea

Bali, Indonesia

It is not exaggerating at all to say that Bali is a place that requires the least editing for photos. From the perfect sunlight and bright blue sky, to the photogenic villas and cafe, you will find yourself wish for longer stay here. Despite recent years Bali has became more touristy, we were still able to have an authentic local Balinese experience while enjoying all the popular attractions.

Checking in to our rustic stay

Brown Feather, Seminyak

First impression of stepping in Bali-land was a sense of familiarity. The kampung houses, Malay-speaking people and the old shophouses were so much similar to the our Malaysia hometown. Our driver picked us up from Ngurah Rai International Airport and drove us to our hotel in Seminyak for luggage drop. We immediately fell in love with their rustic-style interiors the moment we entered to our boutique hotel Brown Feather. They were kind enough to let us dropped our baggage as it was still too early to check-in. We chose to stay here because it was near to most of our destinations.

Nalu Bowls is the creator of the smoothie bowl game in Bali. They have a few outlets across different parts of Bali so you can literally get them everywhere. At the Seminyak outlet, the stall is located right at a roadside. You can either have it outdoor (which is made like a bar concept) or you can eat it indoor at the second floor. We preferred to eat it outdoor because the sights of the bustling traffic and the locals walking past the roadside made the cafe experience really special. Plus, talking and interacting with the friendly local staff kept us so entertained. 

Breakfast in gypsy wonderland

La Laguna

Located 10 minutes (by car) away from our hotel, La laguna beach club is the perfect first stop for our breakfast. However we decided to walk there as we did not engage any drivers in Seminyak because everywhere in central was so near to each other (either by walk or taxi). The breakfast menu in La laguna serves mostly Western-Mexico inspired food, nothing fancy about the food but taste was not bad. The fancy part about this place is, details. Every single detail of the interior design, be it from the big furniture or to the small embroided table bibs are so carefully curated and placed to make everything looks so perfect. There are a lot of beautiful carts/structures at the entrance and a bridge connecting the cafe to the beach. You can spend the entire day taking photos here no joke. Every corner here is insta-worthy!

Nature is the true artist #skyporn

Potato Head Beach Club

No filter needed for the gorgeous sunset caught at Potato Head Beach Club! Believe me, this sunset's colour was that vivid in purple and pink by itself. The best sunset location hands down to here! If were to describe it, it would definitely be cotton candy!  You can chill in the pool with your drinks if you want to. We regretted not bringing our bikinis along so we decided to chill at the outdoor seating areas. As the dark sets in, all of the bulbs will be lighted up and it was so pretty! We spent the night sipping on our cocktails as we perched on the mat prepared by the staffs ☽ 

The seaside cliff


Uluwatu temple is famed by its location on top of a steep cliff, as well as its spiritual identity among the local believers. As it is a place of worship, all visitors are required to wear a 'sarung' for modesty purpose. As you walk higher, you will encounter some monkeys trying to grab your belongins especially your mobiles. I got the shock of my life when there was monkey quietly came behind me and attempted to open my bag when I was resting under a shelter. So scary but rather funny actually haha

Bali is all about beaches

Padang Padang Beach

Out of so many beaches in Bali, we chose to visit Padang Padang Beach because the movie scene of Eat, Pray, Love was shot here. However we did not really enjoy it because 1) the toilet facilities here is not really hygienic and in order to get there we have to walk through some steels and rocks which is quite unsafe 2) The sands were very slippery because it was all covered with algae. Luckily I had my gopro with waterproof casing with me. We had a hard time trying to go further out of the sea as it was so almost impossible to balance ourselves with the waves and slippery sand and we ended up chilling behind a huge rock because the wave current was much gentle there haha. 

The instaworthy bar

Ayana Resort

Bali is all about beaches and bintang😂

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Early beer at Rock bar, Ayana resort. The bar offered a magnificient and unique view for sunsets as it is rested on top of the Jimbaran coast. We had to take 'lift' down in order to get to our table. Quite cool, I know. The food and beverages here are overpriced but the ambience is really good The best seats near the bar were mostly reserved for their hotel guest so we were seated somewher further. We only took a few beers here and decided to get our dinner somewhere else.


Our driver brought us to Menega Cafe, Jimbaran for dinner. Their grilled seafood especially the honey shripms are delicious, a must-try!

Chic Eateries


Hipster cafes are all around Seminyak. Sea Circus, with the colourful theme, is one of the more famous ones. Aside from the colourful painted wall and their instagrammable food, their toilet is something more. Decorated with a huge vanity mirror with lights, we spent really long time taking photos inside haha.

We found a surprise after leaving Sea Circus and explored around the area. We spotted on Kim Soo, a combination of homeware store and cafe (they are like literally next to each other)! They sell a lot of beautiful modern balinese home decor and also some exotic pieces. 

The floating temple

Tanah Lot

Bali is called the land of God for a reason. Temples are everywhere and they make the most tourist attraction. By the time we arrived at Tanah Lot in the late morning, it was already filled with tourists and the traffic was so congested. Our driver said that during sunset timings it would be jam packed because it is rateed one of the best places to watch sunset in Bali overlooking the Indian Ocean. 

Our driver then took us to a local stall in the middle of a rice field for lunch. We had babi guling rice at really cheap price.  I can't remember where was the exact location but the ricepaddy view was so breathtaking and the shop owner was kind enough to allow us to go into the rice field for photos.

Tengenungan waterfall is one of the most visited waterfalls in Bali. Hidden within the Ubud village, it is lovely spot to escape from the hot summer in Bali. We paid a small fee to climb up the waterfall and you can even take a dip at the top of the waterfall. I had a bad memory here because I slipped as I stood on a rock covered with algae and I was so grateful that nothing happened  but it is still kinda scary to recall because something bad could actually happened. I actually hate algae so much now haha

Walking on rice terraces

Tengallalang rice field

Beautiful lush green paddy fields are the most iconic photo of Ubud! It felt so different to witness the of beauty of Tengallalang rice field with your own eyes than seeing its pictures posted on social media. It was a long walk from the entrace to the exit and the terraces were quite narrow to walk on. We visited the rice field in the late evening and it was a nice cooling scroll.

The luxurious balinese stay


Bali is never complete without staying in a luxurious resort. Goya Ubud Resort is a great tropical hideaway in Ubud. We loved our big huge room and having our own garden. Even the pathway from the reception to our room was filled with strong tropical vibes.

Their infinity pool was definitely something!! It oversees the entire forest of palm trees and the unparalleled view was stunning. Not to mention their complimentary breakfast was not the usual breakfast buffet. Instead, they served you like cafe style. We were given menu to choose from either omelette, pancakes or eggs benedicts etc. For every main course it came with fruits, bread and beverages. For once in awhile, we need to give ourselves a good treat from working so hard, right? 


The Zen - Ubud


I called Ubud the Zen because everything here just gave you a sense of laid-back and peace. Places in Ubud are mostly in walkable distance. So remember to spam your sunscreen!! Pura Taman Saraswati Temple is a Hindu temple which is free to enter. The blooming pink lotuses explains its charm in this city.


A modern coffee twist at Seniman Coffee Studio, where they grows and roasts their own coffee beans. I love how every coffee is accompanied by a cookie and a glass of water. They even have a separate working area and fast wifi for those who need a cuppa caffeine while working.

We went to Sedona spa massage before leaving to airport. With a reasonable price, we had a pretty good scrub, body massage and petals soak accompanied by a cup of ginger tea and sliced fruits served beside your bathtub. However we felt so insecure because it is an open space and there are different staffs (some are males) walking in and out to get things while you are lying there naked.


Thats pretty much about it! We love every single bit of nature abundace Bali offered us during this short escape!