City Dog Sunrise Adventures

Upper Seletar Reservoir, Singapore

Hello! Yogurt taking over here..I am kinda nervous. because it is my first time blogging (thanks to my mum). For those who don't know me, I am Yogurt, a Japanese Spitz aged one and the half, a boy, loves basically all food and trash, but my favourite is still jerky of course. Lastly, I love adventures with my pawrents despite I am timid almost over everything. I am open to all dates specially if you are a a female (you know it). Ok, enough of self-intro, lets go!!

My first sunrise experience

Upper Seletar Reservoir

The casuarina tree was situated in an 'enclosed area' and nobody came here so early in the morning so I was unleashed! This place is totally for me, lots of space to run, no rules, no human telling me where to go and a few birds to chase around. MY HAPPY FACE

At about 7am, the magical glow of the pink-orange hued rays filled the sky with the colours reflected on the water. I have never thought of such place exists in Singapore. Felt like we have travelled to some other country. 

As usual, mum asked me to post for pictures. 

'Cant you tell from my grumpy face that I don't like to be photographed?' However, at some points I would get free treats from staying still for pictures. Everything comes with a price, humans!!


While walking along the reservoir, I spotted a monitor lizard sticking its head above the water. Out of curiosity, I stood up against the barrier and later on jumped on it! Scared the shit out of my pawrents.


AHH so much better view up here! Why I was not brought here earlier? I was born for this!!

As usual, mum asked me to post for pictures.

At 730am, the sky was almost all bright, I had my breakfast there. First time to dine outdoor! Extra delicious because I was so hungry from all the running and exploring!

Beside the tree, there is this beautiful bridge stretching out to the middle of the reservoir. 

AHH so much better view up here! Why I was not brought here earlier? I was born for this!!

Undeniably the casuarina tree is really photogenic, with a few benches here, makes this place so aesthetic and poetic to take pictures. At the left side you can see people started to come in for their morning jogs.

Upper Seletar Reservoir is a surprise visit! I have never expected its view to be so breathtaking and charismatic. With only 20 minutes car ride from our house, I would surely want to come back here again to take a break from all my puppy stress. 

Let my pawrents know if you love me taking over the blog more often!

Ruff with love, 

Yogurt ❤